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In Sausalito overlooking S.F. Bay with my uncle, Lucky Strike nonfilters and a case of Bud. Those splendid days are long gone.


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September 26, 2010



not that it's very important, but Lovitz was playing Dukakis from '88. Gore's catchphrase was "lock box" as done by Darrell Hammond.


I'm mortified. That's what I get for not corroborating everything, even comedians and their comedic lines. Yet I'll let it stand uncorrected, since at least the sentiment remains valid, as Colin, who has my thanks, notes.

Marc McKenzie

It's not a big deal to me (in terms of the line), because the sentiment is valid. The Republicans do not give a Tinker's damn about fixing the economy. Their "pledge" is utter nonsense.

And yet, still, many of us who are liberal still continue to point the gun at ourselves...and fire away.

Great post, as always, PM.

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