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October 15, 2010


Anne Johnson

Once again PM Carpenter you have given me perspective and managed to calm a small amount of my depression over the upcoming elections. I still have an article of yours dated 11/22/04 that I have printed and kept.

From that article: " Historically this nation has experienced, yet survived, serial revialist attacks on the rationalist American spirit. It shall survive this one, too."

I just hope you're right, sir.

Michael Lynch

good post pm,I've been seeing this for the last couple of weeks,msnbc is my news channel but the last few weeks it sounds as if we"ve lost already,and u know as I that some people go with who ever they perceive will win (you gotta lov the electorate).So all I would ask is msnbc stop preaching gloom & doom and get us news we can use.

Marc McKenzie

I'm also echoing the positive comments here, PM. While I am very worried about the nuts getting back into the nuthouse (aided and abetted by, among others, those who sneer that they'll 'sit this one out'), and I reject "everything's gonna be okay", I will say that the doom and gloom is disgusting and only serves to depress everyone.

Thanks for injecting not only realism, but a healthy amount of historical recollection. Because to be brutally honest, there are a lot of bloggers and commentators who never seem to do that.

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