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October 22, 2010


Marc McKenzie

"It is, rather, merely a notation of uncomfortable political truths and realities -- the very ones our progressive president, in the formulation of policymaking, has had to contend with -- which movement progressives have an insufferable habit of ignoring."

This pretty much sums up everything perfectly.

What's also sad is that many movement progressives _still_ haven't realized this yet. Thus, they continue to make the same claims and mistakes that have had major negative consequences for the country.

j r

It's amazing that Americans keep voting for Republicans and Democrats, over and over and keep wondering why it never makes any difference.

both sides of the coin are FASCISTS

it's stupid to assume that elections will ever change the condition of the country. we had too many years of GOP spending for ILLEGAL WARS, while the DINO's either acquiesced altogether and helped push their war profiteering agenda, or didn't do a thing to stop it.

In any case, the November 3 reality will be that this nation will stupidly allow themselves to believe that EITHER PARTY HAS THE BEST INTERESTS OF THE NATION AS THEIR IMMEDIATE GOALS.

this is bullshit. Both parties are LOOTING THE LIQUOR STORE BEFORE TORCHING IT.

and We The Sheeple will facilitate it by thinking the ballot box is the solution. It's not. Not any longer.

Marc McKenzie

@both sides of the coin are FASCISTS: No, no, no...please, no more. No more of this "It doesn't matter, they're all the same" nonsense. That's NOT what PM was talking about here, and it's incredibly cynical and blind to keep spewing this warmed-over kipple.

Better yet, read this:

I know, I're going to scream that I'm a sheeple, I'm the real idiot, blah blah blah. Unfortunately, I've heard arguements like yours before, and they all have one thing in common--they turn to ashes in the searing light of pragmatic truth.

There are major differences between the two parties if you decide to come down off the high mountain and really look. But if you want to stay in your fantasy world while the real world burns, heck, that's your choice.

@jr: Chalk it up to a couple of things:
1) A mainstream media that tilts to or does everything to kiss up to the Repubs and the right, and is no longer interested in really informing Americans. There are honorable exceptions, but they are few.
2) Lack of a strong liberal/progressive media infrastructure to combat right-wing lies.
3) Lack of political knowledge on the part of many Americans.
4) Too many on the progressive/liberal side following the "it doesn't matter, they're all the same" doggerel, even though history says otherwise.
5) A balkanized Internet, where there is no discussion/debate between the two sides; each side instead goes to sites that cater to them.


I am not against any progressive goals. Reading history, the progressive movement has done a great deal of good for this country (from the late 19th century onward). But it was not easy. It took time and effort. In the microwave society of today, where things must get done in thirty seconds or less, this point must be made over and over again.

And finally...if you think that it would be better to let everything collapse in the belief that a wonderful new future will arise, screw you. How many lives will be lost or changed for the worst if that happened? What if the future that emerges is far, far worse?

Do you even care?

Apologies for the long post, but I just had to get this off my chest.

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