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December 21, 2010


Anne Johnson

Great commentary! Why don't more people see the GOP as the pouting, petulant primadonnas they are? They threatened to hold up the START treaty if DADT was repealed, so chalk them up under the bigot column as well. Childish bigots is what we have in store for us the next two years? If this is what Republicans and the tea party mean when they say the adults are finally going to be in charge, then it's going to be a long two years. Can't the president just sit them in a corner with some crayons and coloring books while the peoples' business gets done? Because we really can't afford to waste two years putting up with these drama queens and their tantrums.


What....they didn't say 'Ramming down American's throats'?

Usually the teabaggers don't miss an opportunity to turn the closeted homoerotic talking point up to 11 on a dial that maxes out at 10.


You'd think that the phallic nature of missiles would be enough for them, but they need to make their sexual insecurities even more obvious than that apparently.

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