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December 20, 2010



I think your light weight analysis of the parties including the sheep-like centrists are spot on. Here in WI a small majority of people have changed the complete course that this state will take. My mother in law voted republican, mostly in reaction to national politics, even though the new governor's first impact was to kill federal funding for a high speed train. Her husband was employed by building train stations with that money.

He's now unemployed.

Marc McKenzie

Nice post, PM--and sadly, it seems that your words were lost on many (just like you pointed out in the piece).

@Chris: sorry to hear about what happened to you mother in law's husband. It's a damned shame, really...


And a terrific Op-Ed it was, though I take moderate issue with one point:

I think overall that the liberal blogosphere, Gibbs' "professional left", has been somewhat more supportive of Obama than they are getting credit for. I would characterize their general attitude as knowing that under the circumstances this is about the best we are going to get.

The dichotomy was cast into some relief during the tax cut deal, DREAM Act and DADT repeal, and perhaps the loudest, crankiest voices were paid more attention, as they always seem to be in our political process. But I believe the ideological purists to be a snarling minority even among us far-lefties.

As for those few who are on the fringe even of the liberal blogosphere, your Op-Ed describes them perfectly.


it's just a shame that she and so many others are brainwashed into voting against their best interests, whatever they may be. I wouldn't feel so bad, or even mind, if they were doing it rationally.

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