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December 17, 2010


Anne Johnson

As nice as it is to read about how all of this will eventually come back to bite the republicans in the but, it is in the short run small consolation to the millions of unemployed with no income. We don't have two years to wait for some not yet certain defeat of republicans and their horrible policies. We are hurting now.

Lyle Richardson

Unfortunately, Anne, that's the way things are. The Dems had their opportunity to address the tax cut issue during the election but backed away from it in fear it would hurt their re-election chances. That left the president with no option but to compromise.

Dan I.

Most economists expect the tax compromise to stimulate the economy, increasing the spending power of middle and lower income families and facilitating job creation. Besides, the deal also included an extension of unemployment benefits, which would not have occurred otherwise.

Carrington Ward

I've gotten quite sick of the 'uncertainty' argument. If it were 'certain' (and if it were actually a competitive free market) then your competitors would have moved in already and eaten your lunch.

The fact that uncertainty weighs so heavily testifies to our economy's ossification. Brontosauruses need certainty. Raptors and rats, not so much.

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