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January 07, 2011


Marc McKenzie

Nice one, PM.

Of course, it was also funny to hear and read in some progressive arenas that the best thing to do would have been to add an amendment to the GOP's Health care killing amendment establishing a single-payer system and/or a public option.

Why? Well...who can say, since the bill has no chance in hell of getting into law. Maybe it's symbolic, since it seems some people cannot let go of the public option/single payer meme, even though it would be impossible at this time to bring these elements into health care.


I watched a clip on CSPAN of one of Boehner's interviews after he was sworn in as the new Speaker. He definitely does not like being questioned/challenged. When a female reporter introduced the CBO into the presser by asking Boehner about the impact on the deficit of repealing the ACA, Boehner lost it. He raised his voice and began trying to discredit the CBO's claim that the ACA reduces the deficit. My predictions are that Boehner will either avoid the press as much as possible, run to Pox to push his fallacies, or he'll completely lose his cool when a reporter challenges/questions him on his position. Of these three scenarios, I'm so looking forward to the last one happening. A plus would be seeing him cry as he loses his cool.

What is Working

I am thinking this new Republican House may be the Dems best PR machine for 2012.

They are embarrassing and this image I snagged from OFA's website is just the start of what I hope is a trend. Let's watch the Republicans loose their base and anger Independents.

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