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January 22, 2011


You Don't Say

I agree. When he reported stories and when he lead the MSNBC team on election or speech nights, he was supremely professional, smooth, eloquent. But his 'special comments' were insufferable. I stopped watching him a few months ago. I wish him well whatever he does.

Will not watch a minute of Cenk. Talk about insufferable. And while I like O'Donnell for his political experience that provides a nice reality check, his show needs to be better produced. Most nights the hour has about 10 minutes of worthy content and the rest seems amateurish.


Olbermann lost me when he compared Obama's Tax Cut compromise to "appeasing the Nazi's".....Sorry, however awful any of the parties involved may be to some, that's over the top! He also lumped the prez, Palin, Beck & Limbaugh together and denounced them for not "taking responsibility for the heated rhetoric of the last 2 years".....only he & McCain did according to him. I can't really say I'll miss him b/c his reality differs from mine. When he was good, he was very good. When he was bad, he was over-the-top. Howard Beal made more sense to me at times!


I loved Keith in his early days, but turned him off before I tuned out of cable TV....he became too strident, his special comments almosy over the top. I too wish him well and hope he comes back ..somewhere..somewhat more of a journalist


I stopped watching KO when he began to make too many biased guesses as to what the president would do, and none of them were true. Cenk is not my cup of tea. I read too much of him on DKos, which I have also weaned myself from. I'm interested in the facts, not in listening to, or reading, information based solely on pundits' and commentators' POV. I can tolerate listening to them IF they are speaking based on the facts. Anything else I consider a massive waste of time.

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