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January 26, 2011



'In isolating the factional extremes, Obama is opening a wide-reaching field in which to run, unbeatably.'

Yep. And, excepting for teevee, no one would know those factional extremes exist. Even with teevee, those willing to tolerate brain damage by encountering them, will likely continue to dwindle.

Thank you for your excellent blog.

Anne Johnson

Obama's speech was, so to speak for mature audiences. Meanng people mature enough to deal with reality and offer real solutions to real problems. Paul Ryan's rebuttal was pure right wing boiler plate, and Michele Bachman's was not even good enough to be called pathetic. She couldn't even look at the right camera. Disneyland called and reported that one of their animitronic robots escaped.


The PL and frustrati crew got "punked" by the president last night. They, along with the GOP, are in the doghouse out in the cold, exactly where they belong. It seems as if the members of the GOP all got the same memo that ordered them to stick to their talking points even if they were way off the mark as a response to the president's SOTU message.

I'm glad most of all that Bachmann was exposed as the incurious, lying, corrupt, not ready for prime time individual that she really is. Next, I'm glad that some Americans were exposed to the fact that the primary tactic in the GOP strategy to winning elections seems to be selling scenarios based on fear, gloom and doom with no clear real road map for doing anything for this country and its' citizens except working on behalf of the one and two percenters, Big Business, and Big Oil.

Rick Kellis

President Obama's sense of balance was in evidence last night. Balance surely is not achieved by discounting one side of an argument but by acknowledging both sides (actually more than two, for in this case, each side is at least split in half). Thus, he has assumed the goal of our Founding Fathers, esp. Thomas Jefferson and James Madison, who founded the Democratic Republican party--the forerunner of today's Democratic Party. It is a noble cause that serves our democracy/republic well and should be taken up by all Americans.


Wow, an analysis that's spot on, written with verve, wit, and enticingly enjoyable elegance! I just wandered in here from Eclectablog's link to you, have read down this far in the entries, and could no longer refrain from burbling my delight at finding a new blog to bookmark and return often to.

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