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January 07, 2011


Marc McKenzie

"....will vastly disappoint progressive activists, who have yet to get anything right."

Probably one of the best things you've said on this blog, PM. What's more tragic is that it is unfortunately true. For all the screaming and yelling and conspiratorial spew coming from many progressive activists, it seems that they refuse to do one simple thing--log off the 'Net and look out the window at the Real World.

I have not been happy with some of Obama's actions, but he has been doing a fine job overall, trying to navigate and repair a mess that was not his own, while facing opposition from all sides, it seems.

What's even worse is that it seems some progressive activists are more interested in going after the President and his administration instead of going after those who really want to send the country over the cliff.


If I put on my analyst hat, I'd say that the prez is saying, "Just Win, Baby!" It's all about Campaign for the WH 2012 now. Daley will be excellent for this as he can schmooze businesses, fundraisers, governors, mayors, Unions; he's done it all. His retiring brother, Mayor Richard, said he "was honored by my brother's selection" so he will be interested in Obama's success as well and all that entails. Brilliant move once again by the president.


Really, Marc? Adam Green is the left's spokesman? I didn't get the memo. Now I have to go look him up on Wikipedia.


Robert Reich supported Bill Daley as President Obama's Chief of Staff. Adam Green is just wrong. All the professional left is going to get accomplished by railing against Obama is a Republican victory in 2012 for the White House.

Marc McKenzie

@beejeez: Hmmm...don't remember saying that Adam Green _was_ the Left's spokesman. Then again, as far as I've seen, there really isn't a de facto spokesman.

Oh, and while it is nice to look him up on Wikipedia, better to go to other places as well, or run a Google search. Just sayin'.


I don't believe that "universal health care" means what you seem to think it means.

S. Holland

a comment simply about your blog.....I love/laugh and thoroughly enjoy your wit and thoughts!! must read everyday! you are always spot-on!

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