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January 29, 2011


S. Holland

I'm not sure whether to laugh or cry at the sheer stupidity....


This shows that many Americans take the same cluelessness they exhibit here to foreign nations in turmoil.


I have two friends who arrived in Egypt this past week...I don't know how much info they had before entering the country, since they had been trekking, backpacking, and sort of out of the loop. On Jan 25th, they posted on FB that they had arrived in Egypt; nothing since. I imagine they will have great stories of their big adventure upon their return.


If it isn't apparent within their little bubble, it doesn't exist.

Many people go through their entire lives without noticing there's a reality outside that bubble.


And the irony is it's just this that accounts for our successes (not knowing the difficulties, we go for it, and sometimes succeed).

And then there's the times our ignorance leads us into, oh, you know, Mesopotamia or something, thinking it'll all be a cakewalk.

Anne Johnson

I thought the girl who said that was from Australia? My sister knew what was going before she left for the area this past Friday but she thought it would be ok. She has been there many times and is very familiar with the area and the people. She lived through the L.A. riots, after all. She also does not believe a lot of what is said on the news feeling that it portrays situations as worse than they really are. Luckily, she sent us an e-mail saying she was ok but was going to try and leave as soon as she could not staying the two weeks as originally planned. She said she had been following the story on CNN and witnessing it first hand and still her conclusion was that the news made it look worse than it was but it was still pretty bad. Hoping she makes it home safe and soon.

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