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February 21, 2011



Even the mainstream republicans and tea partiers who voted these folks into office are in for some unexpected surprises. I'm hoping that some of them will learn that it's not such a good idea to get on a particular bandwagon simply because you like being filled with emotional outrage. Emotional outrage doesn't necessarily equal good governance, just as Fox having high ratings doesn't mean the media outlet is a reliable source for unbiased news.

Robert Levine

The first mention by Walker of any restrictions on unions or collective bargaining rights was December 7.


There will be some surprises for the Republican voters of 2010, but there will also be the same media (or the same people they listen to around the neighborhood parroting the media) pushing the latest Frank Luntz-tested talking points about why they can't trust the Democrats to solve whatever problems pop up.

I'm wondering if there's any convincing those voters, the answer may have to be re-engaging the 2008 voters who stayed home in a non-Presidential election.

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