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February 21, 2011


S. Holland

Amazing isn't it for what passes as the liberal left on tv......he's a fool.................


Cenk Uygur was raising hell almost before President Obama could learn his way around the White House.
I don't know why he stays so irked, but he sure is irksome. I gave up on him a long time ago.
MSNBC could do a lot better, and I sure wish it would.


Another reason I no longer have cable tv


When I discovered that Cenk would be replacing Olbermann on MSNBC, I made up my mind beforehand that I wouldn't watch his program, and I never have. Cenk appears to be more into promoting himself than he is in imparting knowledge to his viewers. I got sick of him when he used to post on Daily Kos. In fact, it was Cenk and some others who constantly bashed President Obama that led me to this and other reality-based blogs for pragmatists.


As someone who's previously objected to some false equivalencies being used to unfairly tar voices on the left..

Cenk Uygur is the progressive Sean Hannity. CM is spot on here. Uygur's a muppet.


Spot on! The problem is there are too many on the left who buy into this kind of rhetoric. No matter the place or issue they demand that Obama must somehow inject himself and save everyone. Its disturbing yet these are the same people who will call others Obots.

Does anyone remember the war in Georgia during the presidential campaign? The left was calling on then CANDIDATE Obama to say or do something and when he released a statement, it wasn't strong enough for them. He wasn't the President of the United States! It wasn't his job or McCain's to inject themselves into W's business. They can offer opinions but that was all they should have done at the time.

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