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February 19, 2011



The fundamental problem for the commentariat in analyzing this President is their persistent insistence on judging him by themselves: Attention-seeking, inside-baseball-obsessed, ever alert to the main chance for a quick splash before skipping off to the next headline, the next day's column or show. They just don't get him.

robert lipscomb

there is one aspect of Obama's governing style that is often overlooked, misinterpreted or maligned. He has a traditional view of the constitution. for most issues, he displays a belief in the adage, "the president proposes and the congress disposes". So, he proposes taking legislative action on a subject and defines it with broad principles.

He is taking the same approach the budget this year. Now, congress is running around like a red-ass monkey. The media report that Congress will soon pass legislation and confront obama. Wrong! The legislation will then go to the Senate. bring in the flying monkeys.

I continue to maintain that for a long time Obama does not have to do ANYTHING, but the House and Senate have to do SOMETHING.

During the previous two years, every senator felt entitled to do nothing or veto Obama's agenda. For the next two years, Obama will use a similar strategy. Should the House pass unacceptable legislation and should the Senate pass it also, Obama can still veto it. He can use this strategy to force Congress to either raise taxes or pass a very unbalanced budget.

Tsk Tsk

Marc McKenzie

@Robert: Good points, Rob.

It's also frustrating to see how many--on both sides--have forgotten or ignore WHY we are in the current situation. The policies of the Bush years are responsible, but somehow, they've escaped notice, and some jump right from blaming Clinton to blaming Obama.

Once again, Bush, it seems, gets away with it.

Susan Zoon

The far left and the far right have come to a place where they are so far from the ideological center that they are back to back. I have a great appreciation for Obama's calm in the center of the storm.
My Grandfather (long gone) who was a union shop steward, a pipe fitter, volunteer fireman in his free time and mountain of a man, used to laugh at the extremes of both political parties. I remember him using this nonsense poem to describe his contempt for their short sightedness-
"Back to back they faced each other.
Drew their swords and shot one another."
Says it all does it not?


Nice post. Thanks.


Wow, Susan I love that quote.

Marc McKenzie

Susan, you get the gold star for the best comment of the day.

Susan Zoon

WOW! Thanks guys, you warm my heart, but I take no credit. Somewhere Jakey Zoon is smiling.


In the sports arena, even today, you can see many examples where writers and commentators tend to describe black athletes more in terms of their physicality but white athletes more in terms of their skill and strategy.

I think there's still some residual effect among the Washington press to view Obama through the historical lens where (bluntly) white was the brains, black the muscle that built the country.

I wouldn't say it's intentional, but consider that on a national-fame level - the country went from The Rev. Jesse Jackson as the dominant image of a black politician.. to Barack Obama. And this in a matter of the 10 months or so between the Iowa caucuses and the 2008 election. Ending in a moment of fairly historical economic upheaval.

His constant self-deprecating and calm manner have left no room for the 'uppity' or 'angry black man' charges the FOX All-Stars would love to lay on him, but there have to be some of these institutional Washington 'intellectuals' who don't like thinking that they aren't the smartest person in DC.


"The fierce urgency of whenever" is getting to be the "That's What She Said" of Obama-bashing. You're a good writer, David Brooks, get a new line.

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