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February 23, 2011


Robert Levine

"True democracy implies informed voters -- the opposite of which, in Wisconsin, there happened to be a plurality.

They weren't tricked or deceived; they just didn't know what they voting for -- when they should have."

Well, I'm a Wisconsin voter, and I regard myself as well-informed. I'm also president of a small union, so I knew that Walker didn't like unions. I voted against him, of course.

But I really was taken aback at what he's now proposing. The clearest measure of how radical it is, I think, is the simple fact that he didn't campaign on it; there's not one mention from him or any other candidate prior to December 7 of anything like he's proposed in terms of bargaining rights and re-certification requirements.

We've all become numb to hard-ass bargaining and givebacks and such. But this is a step beyond that. Even Tommy Thompson, the last popular Republican governor here, has distanced himself from Walker on this issue.


Robert: I made that same argument in a thread yesterday, and PM is right back making the same point today. (Without explanation or rebuttal.) Makes you wonder if there's a point in posting comments if they're not read.

Maybe he means that since Wisconsin sent Joe McCarthy to the Senate in the 1950's, they should have learned their lesson and never elected another Republican ever again. (That's real helpful, thanks.)


PM: If you're going to toss up your hands and blame the 'stupid' voters for falling for Rovian tactics, maybe you could try something helpful - like educating us on what to do about it?

Or are we just doomed to watch America become a Fundamentalist Evangelical Christian Theocracy?

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