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February 25, 2011



Is Gingrich the neoconfederate and womanizer? Is Romney the multiple personality and once competent governor turned demagogue? I assume the Baptist preacher is Huckleby(sp), but is he also the demogogue? Just trying to follow along here.

But yes, it does seem as if, in economic matters, today's liberals are the new conservatives. Although on social issues today's Republican conservatives are still fighting progress and liberality.


I believe Haley Barbour is the neoconfederate. Gingrich - womanizer. Pawlenty, given the last sentence of thee post, would appear to be the competent governor turned demagogue. Romney -- multiple personality.

Do I get a prize? Mug? Tee shirt?


Congratulations, Janicket, you nailed them. The prize? More than you could have hoped for: Your country's sincerest thanks.


Hmmmmmmmmmm............ I'd rather have the tee shirt; it'd at least be useful for sopping up all the spilled milk and tears.

By the way, let me take this opportunity to thank you for the many brilliant gems of analysis you create. Yours is one of the blogs I most frequently visit, and I recommend it to likeminded political junkies whenever possible.

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