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February 28, 2011


Chris Andersen

I believe the reporting on that is backwards. As I understand it, the 2 week deal is essentially a pro-rated version of *Obama's* budget plan. In other words, it was the Republicans who backed down.

Ansel M

I agree with Chris Andersen ... that Politico headline should read: "Republican Spin" rather than "Republican Win". The idea that this was a "win" for the Republicans is just baloney!

Marc McKenzie

Why am I not surprised when the media spins this in the Republicans' favor?

And of course look for the PL to start screaming how Obama's sold us out, how he's a failure, how we should primary him in 2012, and etc., etc., etc....


Yes, McKenzie, it's always the Professional Left's fault. When will the Professional Left be good Democrats and not reflexively attack other Democrats? You know, like the way you never reflexively attack other Democrats, oh...wait. Tell me, when will you stop screaming how the "PL" has sold Obama out, how they're a failure, etc.,etc.,etc....? Bor-ing.

Marc McKenzie

@wtf: It's simple--I'll stop griping when THEY stop griping and actually focus on the Republicans.

I'm all for honest criticism of this President, and hell, he is for it as well. But as PM has pointed out numerous times, the PL does not give a s&@t about actually focusing their criticism on the Repubs and keeps flinging the mess at the one guy who is trying to fix the mess left behind by his predecessor.

That's why I complain about them--and no, it isn't all the PL's fault, but they don't help matters by whining about Obama and saying the nonsense they did in 2010 ("We're sitting this one out!!) or threatening to primary Obama in 2012 or putting out the same old doggerel about "They're all the same."



Hmm, McKenzie, Obama's not THAT into honest criticism:

I understand he wants to look ahead, not backward. No criminal investigation of war crimes or Wall Street. That is the pragmatic thing to do, right? Except when it's looking back at whistleblowers. No problem investigating those "crimes." Those people need to go to prison. (The GOP must be forcing him, right?)

And please, before you start on about how investigations of the organized crime of Wall Street is not politically feasible, please remember Obama himself told the bankers his administration was "the only one thing between you and the pitchforks." He knowingly protected them from a just retribution.

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