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March 21, 2011


Marc McKenzie surprise there.

That said, I really wonder about the mental health of those both on the right and the left who would prefer any of these folks in office instead of President Obama.


What's also despicable is Kucinich saying that Obama should be impeached over this.


Also, too, Newt. Opportunism? For what? Didn't he say Obama was anti-colonial?


Their corporate overlords simply haven't told them which position to take yet. I noticed the absence of the tea partiers when Wall Street Reform was being debated and the issue of eliminating corporate bailouts was being discussed, they were MIA. Their absence told me all I needed to know about the authenticity of the groups and their demands. The tea partiers had spent over a year yelling and screaming, "No More Bailouts,!!" but when WSR was being debated, they were nowhere in sight because neither Armey, Russo, Marsh, the Kochs, or any of the lobbyists TOLD them they needed to be involved. I think the same thing applies to a certain extent to the potential 2012 GOP presidential candidates and the situation in Libya. If Rove was known as Bush's brain, the corporatists together represent the brain of the 2012 GOP presidential candidates.

Dorothy Rissman

Kuncinich, Nader, M. Moore, Ellsworth are all calling for his head.

I am also tired of the fact that the dems never seem to support PBO. Ed Markey of MA said we were in this because of Libya's oil. A democrats makes an accusation like that against the President. I am shaken to my bones.

Will it never end? thanks p m


There are times when I wonder why President Obama doesn't simply say, "Screw it. You know so much more about it? Then YOU figure out how to untangle all these baskets of cobras with your bare hands," and walk away from it all.

Then I see how he is with his daughters, with all children, and I know why he sticks it out.


If Sarah was reading "all of them" newspapers she might know her party's members of Congress think Obama is overstepping his Constitutional authority. But I guess a Republican CoC would be enough to settle the Constitutionality question for Republicans in Congress.

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