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March 23, 2011


Robert lipscomb

The elephant in the living roonm is that we are now an empire - the empire. Our constitution did not take into account that eventuality. Our history books did not tkae that into account. Our collective paradigm really does not embrace that.

So our concept of war and the declaration of war are in a constitutional no-man's-land.

Our efforts in Libya are police actions of thee empire, not really a war. Hell's bells we don't even have to adjust our military budget for it. I suspect, our military sees it primary as a field test of our latest weaponry and our lessons learned for police actions.

Unless and until we lose the empire, we better get used to reasonable and appropriate police actions. We better start seeing them for what they are and adjust accordingly.

Dorothy Rissman

PM, A welcome analysis on the hysteria that constantly surrounds the president.

Of course, I expect that from the right, but I am once again jolted by the left and their constant moans of disgust.

I truly feel there is something deeper going on.


"Something deeper going on"? Well, there's a privileged white male perturbed that That One isn't behaving the way Mr. PWM thinks he should.

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