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March 28, 2011



Newt has the handle of being the best "thinker" in the Republican Party, but based on things he's said recently, it seems as if he isn't thinking at all. This comment is unintelligible gibberish meant to appeal to the far right-wingers in the RP.


@Majii, can anyone give any examples of Newt's great ideas? How does he get a reputation for being a "thinker" or an "idea guy"? Dare I say this reputation is a sham that's accepted as CW and never challenged? I mean, even Norville Barnes came up with the hula hoop, what's Newton Leroy Gingrich done? If it was his, the Contract For America was neither great nor actually followed, so what else is there?


It's a creation of Newt, rw media, and his supporters in the Republican Party. I remember when Newt was in the state legislature here in GA and when he was Speaker, and I didn't see any signs that he was that much of a "great thinker" then, or now. I think the description is associated with him because he was once a professor of European History at West GA College, or maybe when he went to Congress some members of the party were impressed by his having been a college professor.

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