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March 31, 2011



All I can say is "WOW!"


The President's critics so consistently underestimate him that I have to conclude they simply can't grasp or accept that he is capable of any but the shallowest and most short-term analysis -- projection, ya think?


And, just think, Karl Rove has a new op-ed in the WSJ in which he states that President Obama is "Irresolute, Weak And Unreliable" On Libya!

This could not be news that the neocons want to hear, either:

"The Libyan leader Muammar Qaddafi received a double blow overnight Wednesday, with the defection of Foreign Minister Moussa Koussa – one of his closest confidantes – and news reports that CIA operatives were now working alongside antigovernment rebels in eastern Libya."

or, this bit of news about other defections from The Reid Report:

"They include the interior minister, the justice minister and the ambassadors to the US, the UN, France and India."

Dorothy Rissman

Forgive my ugly thoughts, but David Gregory is a flat out, deceitful, smarmy idiot.

Of course, I felt Tim Russert was pretty much the same. Gotcha questions that the guest is never allowed to fully answer.


I can think of another reason to get in bed with the Libyan rebels despite a possible future association with al qaeda: The possibility of apprehending some of the Libyan al qaeda agents who are rumored to be leaving Waziristan to go back home to fight Qadaffi.

Surfer Dude

So, illegally arming members of al Qaeda is a good idea?

These are the people our "tactically brilliant" President is supporting:,0,5389027,full.story

Face it, President Obama is George W. Bush 2.0 and with his illegal support of "freedom fighters," he's starting to look a bit more like Ronald Reagan.


Surfer Dude: first of allplease read this article, or reread it, which ever is applicable. Secondly, this does not discuss arming the rebels, since we aren't.
You must be a conservative black and white thinker.

Surfer Dude

I read it several times before I posted, Maggy.

I should have used different wording in my original post. I'll try this again:

"So, illegally providing military aid to members of al Qaeda is a good idea?"

The Security Council resolution only allows force to be used to prevent civilian casualties. The U.S. has been very adamant in the past decade that if a person is armed, they are no longer a civilian. Helping the rebels goes beyond the mandate.

If you consider replying to me, please address my argument this time.

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