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March 20, 2011



Boehner is an azzhat of the first degree. He knows he was briefed, but he wants to give republican voters the idea that he hasn't a clue about the president's plans in Libya. Yes, it is always about politics for Boehner and the current crop of republicans and never about what is good for the country and the citizens. He could have surfed the internet to discover the answer to his questions, but he didn't. He decided to take the cowardly, dishonest, and partisan route. Boehner is catching hell being SOTH, and he deserves every problem he has to deal with, and more, the backstabbing b@*tard.


Hello P. M. Carpenter,

I hope you will build one of your very fine posts around this powerful message from the Al Jazeera blog:

As the uprisings continue across the region, signs of solidarity continue as well. Making the rounds on Twitter is this short video with the following message:

"Inspired by the uprisings occurring in the Middle East and North Africa, this film is an ode to movements striving to reclaim their dignity and sovereignty from their keepers":

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