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March 28, 2011


Billy B

::"There's really no excuse for this."::

Of course there's not. These pimps just keep on lying ad nauseum and the media report it as fact.

One of the other lies that the media love to repeat is that Social Security is a "costly" program that is a major contributor to the deficit. Lying pimp.


Rudy Guliani was reported by Politico to have said a couple weeks ago that the members of the GOP who have been playing the birther card need to knock it off because there are more important issues the party needs to address, but I notice that the kids have decided to ignore him and carry on with the game.

Robert Lipscomb

Seriously, that is an insult to managers at McDonald's.


I have watched them manage those operations. It's difficult and requires talent, skill and effort.

No I am not going PC on everyone. I just want to take your point to the next level. Those two trust fund babies could NOT run a McDonald's. Yet, look at what they were given.


Actually - this post from Ben is hilarious. How ironic is this?


Trump fails to produce birth certificate

Donald Trump made headlines earlier today when he provided what he said was a copy of his birth certificate -- but a quick check reveals it's actually not an official document


Robert, you're right. A cheap and clicheish shot on my part. I apologize.

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