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April 29, 2011



Only in America can the inane and the deviant be thrust into the limelight, and thereby into public's 'face' through their every utterance, action,whim and fancy.


"Why would Morris need to write, and why would I want to read, a book titled How to Defeat Obama when the sinister target "has no way to get reelected"? "

Well, the Kenyan usurper has no way to get re-elected, provided Dicky Morris is able to inform us all, via Faux news, about the illegitimate prez's weakness and incompetence. And purchases of Dicky's book helps supplement his modest TV income and thus insures Obama's defeat.

Chris Andersen

Dick Morris predicts Obama will lose in 2012?

Well, that makes me feel better. Long time observers know that Morris has a near perfect record of predicting the exact opposite of what happens.


You got that toe-sucking whoremaster down to a T.

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