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April 28, 2011



"...start caring less..."

I couldn't be more in line with such an effort, and I actually wish that President Obama would stop acting as if there is anything rational about the toxic soup of grifters and their credulous audiences who scream their frustration to the base daily and insist that we must feel the same.

Only the biggest of fools would have expected nirvana in two years, and I'm personally pretty sick of pretending that this propagandized thought process is rational.

They'll get it, or they won't. This Obamabot has zero desire to remain enthralled with the opinion-making of the deliberately obtuse and the malicious.

Thank you for saying this. Mr. President, if there's any critique I have, please get off of the defense and proudly trumpet your achievements, which are significant. The PL parasites can go pound sand; they are lying with the claim that "you made them do it," or their abusiveness is a product of your actions.

Marc McKenzie

@GN: Well said.

When it comes to the PL, I'll use plain English: Screw 'em.


@GN: Bravo. "They'll get it, or they won't." Pretty much. I've been hoping external events and common would reorient their priorities, but I'm distressed to think we've learned nothing since Bush/Nader 2000.

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