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April 29, 2011



you ain't lyin. I look forward - NOT - to those people saying, "what happened to the guy who gave that speech?" "what happened to campaign/candidate Obama?"


Ha! I thought you'd gotten over the professional left and those selfish little baby activists who don't understand Obama must compromise on all things and has absolutely no ability to change the national narrative about the role of government. This buffoon activist/retard/drug addict won't be donating a penny or a second to the reelection campaign. So please make your plans now to pick up the slack by busing yourself to the swing states. You'll really enjoy canvassing in Scranton.


@WTF: why do you come here?

And yes, the rest of us will walk the talk while you and your buddies pound the keyboards.


"This buffoon activist/retard/drug addict"... Ah, so good to see one who diligently practices the ancient dictum: "Know thyself."

Dorothy Rissman

wtf, only comes here to stir the pot. I suspect he/she is not even a dem. He is a republican in dem clothing.

I get mad these blue dogs, but I understand they are in a difficult position. Sherrod Brown totally annoyed me on carbon omissions. The president did not call him out, but he struts on msnbc constantly criticizing the president. It all drive me crazy.


"Blue dogs" are a maddening part of the Democratic Party coalition, no doubt. People on the left need to understand that they are a different species than the party-line Democrat. No amount of railing and shaking of fists at the heavens will change the complications in building legislative coalitions because of electoral realities in "purple" America.

Oh, and WTF -- go fuck off. We don't give a damn about your pennies or seconds.

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