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April 26, 2011


Susan Zoon

" we now have the stark poignancy of clearly identifiable villains -- yep, those guys. If the electorate ever wanted to "connect" its roiling anger to a rewarding outcome, 2012 will be the time. And it will stand 2010 on its head."

Agreed, but as you stated earlier in the piece it's difficult to get people fired up to vote for Obama when they're on their knees scrambling to keep their fraying lives together. Many of my friends and myself are included in this category. We are all educated, all political, and all over 50, scrambling to hold on after being beaten down as a result of not one, but three recessions over the last twenty years. Obama can take no solace in asking the perennial presidential question, "Are you better off today?" The answer is NO.

I struggle with this puzzle every day. How do we get the Democratic and independent base motivated under these conditions? I feel Obama has to do something bold. ANYTHING> Propose a new WPA... or something. I fear he can't simply finesse this election and believe that everyone will get on board again because of the crass fascism (there I said it) of the opposition.Taking his campaign slogan from the "Audacity of Hope" and "Yes we can" to "It could be worse" won't fly. That being said... I will work for Obama. I still believe... my other friends will take some convincing.


@Susan: sorry, I have no sympathy for people who can't get "motivated". Tell them to take a look around at what's going on in other states led by Republicans. Tell them to look at what Republicans have voted on. If what awaits them does not motivate them then......

Obama can propose this and that until he is blue in the face. None of it is gonna pass until we have our majorities back.

Susan Zoon

Understood, but you miss my point.
Those of us treading water have little use for your lack of sympathy or motivational lectures. I voted the straight Democratic ticket in 2010, because, of course, I know that the alternative is.

However, many thousands of Democrats stayed home out of disgust and despair that their party had failed them and the nation. This does not make them stupid, lazy, or ill informed. They are depressed.

This is not about sympathy, but rather, EMPATHY. Obama needs to bring the sheep back into the fold and in order to do that he must show them that he will fight for their financial interests. All I'm saying is that so far, many of them are not feelin' it. That is a simple fact that the Party and candidate need to address.

A bold proposal would energize the sleeping base and have a broad effect on the down ticket races.(so that we can win back the house) Without something bold, Obama will win on "It could be worse", but his coattails will be non-existent and we're back to Republican hostage taking. Just sayin'

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