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April 27, 2011



I'm torn too about this move by the White House. I tend to think it's more a bad move than a good one. Because he will be criticized by a certain portion of the AA community. And because mostly, it will feed the haters' campaign asking the release of medical records, school records, etc. And the WH will be asked as to why they don't release them to quell the debate since they agreed to release the long form of the birth certificate.

I have enormous empathy for President Obama though. An exceptional public servant like him shouldn't have to go through this. And I REALLY understand that he wants America to concentrate on the important stuff.

What is SORELY NEEDED is for REPUBLICANS who still have some decency to get out and finally pull the plug. But they're cowards. No elected official has the guts to do it. Because... you know... they can't alienate their lunatic base... Even people like Dick Lugar, Olympia Snowe, etc. are hiding. And then they are lamenting that the party is leaving them. I don't have any sympathy for them.

We're watching the self-destruction of a once great party and it's not pretty.


Should we demand the specifics of Trump's divorces (2) and bankrupties (4), I think not. We do not stoop the his level! What a fool!

S. Holland

It's heartbreaking, tragic, and does soooo much hate exist in people?


I am now convinced that is the MSM that are racist to the core and they are the ones who drive the hateful rhetoric. They, have chosen to fuel and fan the fire. They are disrespectful and sordid. A waste of space. All of them should be wrting for the National Enquirer. Every living one of them. All they do is shitstir.A bunch of slime, especially that pale-faced Chuck Todd.

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