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April 28, 2011





Yes. The Jeffersonian-Republicans even floated the suspicion that Washington was a diffident general because he was actually in cahoots with the British.

It seems that, at all times, there's a certain % of the population willing to believe anything. It seems worse now because we're living through our nuttiness.

Pietr Hitzig

Ma, Ma, where's my pa?

I think, and would be glad to be corrected, that there is a strong possibility that Grover Cleveland did father an illegitimate child; he paid child support.

Gone to White House, ha ha ha.

Rejoinder after he won election.

Marc McKenzie

So very, very true, PM.

Let's also not forget, "Van, Van is a used-up man."

And less than two decades ago, as the Internet was starting to blossom, there were the relentless GOP/MSM-driven attacks on Bill and Hillary Clinton. Whatever one thinks of these two, they did not deserve the poisonous trash that was sent their way from the minute they stepped into the White House.

That said, it seems that Harlan Ellison was absolutely right when he pointed out that the majority of the Internet is composed of "...innuendo...lies...endless adolescent behavior on the level of a baby showing his pee pee..."

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