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April 30, 2011



Another thing of beauty, Mr. Carpenter.

You're so right. It's the enablers we have to concentrate on. They're immoral, and dangerous.


"The attention, rather, should be lavished on the GOP suits: those cold-blooded, mealy-mouthed, gasoline-splashing poltroons who have confirmed before the electorate yet once again that they cannot be trusted with instruments of power."

100 %, laser focus on precisely those poltrons, indeed.

Thank you.


You're right of course, Mr. Carpenter, about the lunatic conspiracy theories, and who perpetuates them and why. You might almost say -- it's a conspiracy.
Call me skeptical -- but somehow I can't help thinking that there really are conspiracies, big ones, and lots of them, in this less than perfect world of ours, and that you don't tend to read about them in the MSM. But of course, no one can seriously investigate them, because then they would be considered nut cases.

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