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April 28, 2011



If only the media would acknowledge its role in all this and stop acting like they have no control over the narrative.


Mo'nin' P M

As my psychology chairman at Morehouse College would say: :"Precisely".

We have seen, more and more, where the Republicans, including Paul Ryan himself, are getting hammered regarding this atrocious piece of legislation that all but four of their members of the House voted for.

Yet, the MSM, and NBC in particular, hang on Trump's every word (and any number of other "birthers"). The Chairman of the Fed gets 180 seconds of coverage - Trump gets a full presser.

HOW the President made and is continuing to make this move is, of course - and you point this out quite clearly - strategic.

THAT he had to make this move initially seemed to put you (and a LOT of others) in degrees of distress. Shouldn't be surprising at all.

This is the country that STILL hasn't come to terms with, though the facts are readily available, why states seceded and a Civil War was fought. And, it is going to have to, with CLEAR EYES, decide if it is going to elect - aGAIN - a black man to lead it.

He is the first. Historically, consider, in our country, what it's like when our "firsts" are put into positions that challenge the notions of White Superiority and White Privilege.

He has demonstrated and CONTINUES to demonstrate that he is both the right man for the job of, in this time, President and for doing battle, while exhibiting otherworldly grace, with the aforementioned notions.

As I've said to you before, P M...take heart.

I am convinced that, in the person of Barack Obama, we are witnessing something amazing.


@blackman- Never a truer word was spoken.

Anne Johnson

In contrast to Blackman's beautifully written and eloquent comment, I add my own from the mind of the less than well educated woman that I am: F*** those racist, teabagging, birther a**holes! F** "the donald" (he does not deserve capitalization) and his bullying and pandering to the lowest common denominator of the electorate. The more I see him the less I like him and I've never had a very high opinion of him to begin with. F** the republican "leadership" with their nodding and winking without appearing to fully embrace this insidious and cowardly racism in their party. If you want to be a leader then lead, damnit. Whenever the questions came up to them in interviews they should have said, "This is complete nonsense and it needs to stop. I do not agree with the president on policy, but I do not doubt for one minute that he is just as American as I am. We have serious issues in this country to deal with and they will not get resolved with this kind of behavior further dividing us." But of course that is too much to ask. They are so obsessed with winning and having, that they will stoop to any level to achieve their goals no matter what the cost to the whole country which at this point would be beyond devastating. They don't care as long as they win and everyone else loses. And while we're at it to a lesser extent f*** David Frum who wrote on his blog yesterday wondering how his own party became racist. He should know better he's not dumb. Maybe he's not a racist, perhaps just a Southern Strategy denier.

Future historians will not be kind to us when they study this particular chapter in American politics.


As someone tersely summarized what our President did yesterday – he looked straight at the American people and ‘ripped the white pointy hoods’ off the racists.

I’d say that he did a particularly effective job because from the NYTimes Editorial to countless other rational assessments, the ‘birther’ issue is now being called just what it is, blatant racism.

We were going to have to have this conversation because racism, as all of you know, is at the heart of the Republican demagoguery we have witnessed since the moment the President took his oath of office.

We were going to have to have this conversation because this Nation’s deepest weakness remains it’s unfinished business of tolerance, it’s incomplete fulfillment of the very reason it exists – the ever-perfecting democratic stewardship of the inalienable rights of EVERY person.

What the President did yesterday was the beginning of that conversation. He indeed ‘ripped the white pointy hood’ off the head of Trump, Palin, Bachmann, Boehner, Beck, Paul’s Ron and Rand, and so many others.

Now, let’s have that conversation with every Republican as we remind them that their attacks on Medicare, Medicaid [and Social Security], on the social compact that is America, is ample evidence that they are still fighting the Civil War, they are still striving to enslave anyone who is not white.

BWD – please take heart. If anyone knew what he/she was going to face by becoming the first black American President, President Obama most certainly did. He knows how much unfinished business this Nation has with the issue of race. And, he is the person best qualified, for countless reasons, to lead that conversation. He is doing just that, calmly, compassionately, but firmly.

The ‘pointy white hoods’ are on the floor now, we are looking straight at the racists and we should all be sure what we see when we also look in the mirror.

As a 64 y/o white male, I had that conversation with myself before I was 16 and I have lived with the answer every day. I love my fellow humans no matter what the color of their skin is as much as I love myself.

S. Holland

Amen blackman and Bobfr! Beautifully stated!!

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