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May 30, 2011



I read parts of this article on another site. Needless to say the people commenting on the article aren't even close to recognizing political reality.

Robert Lipscomb

This seems to be a false choice. One should never limit himself what only seems possible today or pie in the sky thinking. Successful endevors usually incorporate both. One common management technique being over the past few years is BHAG (big harry ass goals) Management is taught to imagine goals outside their current realm of possible. But the second phase is to begin addressing the the real world pragmatic steps that get you there.

My BHAG is single payer healthcare. I realize that is not politically possible in the current political climate. So how does one change that climate? Well, by talking up the goal of single payer health care and by talking up the benefits of that system - until a majority agree and the climarte is changed.


@Robert Lipscomb--

Your position is so obviously logical, I'm astounded that we don't hear it from our most conspicuous liberal/progressive activists. Is it because it's work that will involve time and persistence? Is it just too daunting for them? Or is it that they lack the skills for transmuting lofty goals into pragmatic steps?

Robert Lipscomb


It is the hard work of retail politics for political parties and political movements. one must keep restating and, explaining and justiying one's position. It might take years to work, but it will work.

For some time Lawrence O'Donnell repeatedly has been making the point to his Republican guests that Social Security and Medicare are socialist programs. Usually, the guest is silent because he knows he cannot criticize the two most popular government programs. If every progressive, to say nothing of every Democrat, repeatedly makes that point over the next five years, the word, "socialism", will lose its sting


@Robert Lipscomb

Great observation! I will spread this little strategic bit to the people within my 'sphere of influence.'

Thanks! :-)

R.C. Chile

Democrats can't even keep control of Congress for more than two out of every ten years.Maybe after twenty or thirty years of responsible governing from the center then,maybe,they can once again shift to more progressive values.

Peter John

Do as the conservatives do: Talk it up, stay positive, stay on point. And if that doesn't work scream that the other side are meanies and are planning to destroy America.

What I mean to say is continue to advocate your procgressive position. Prepare a set of simple progressive talking points and talk them up. Support your local progressive politican with time and money. And vote and get your friends and relatives to also vote.


John Stuart Mill,Great Books author

and MP about 70 B.C.(Before Cars),

was happy to have his progressive

ideas just debated in Parliament,

with little chance of passage.

Today,Richard Dawkins,calls it

raising the "consciousness level."


So you oppose Krugman because...? Oh, he didn't solve the problems for YOU. Your attack is another whine. At least Krugman has readers and follwers and logic and reason. All you have is a 2011 whine that lacks any kick. I'd call it grape juice, but it's more kool-aid from the right. Sorry, your solutions (whining loudly) seems to be your patient answer to all.

the Duke of Dementia

Well, my recommendation for a starting point is this:

Hey Republicans, TeaScrotes, Conservatrds...STFU and get in the back seat, you had your chance to drive and you fucked things up!

Peter G

It is commonly posted on many a left wing blog that Krugman should be the Obama administration's economic guru. As sympathetic as I am to Krugman's aspirations I can think of no one less politically adept. He just does not have a clue about politics.


LOL. Your name calling is pretty lame, but it is the pinnacle of the piece.

Dorothy Rissman

rjwalker, LOL. You call that a comment? I would call it a sixth grader taunting the teacher. Grow UP.

Steve Martini

Name another bulls*t commenter who has predicted the future better? We might not like him, but he has proven to predict the economic future of our county better than any republican so far!!!!


@Steve Martini

I think you're missing the point. I think most of us LIKE Krugman and agree with his positions and know that he's got a great understanding of what's happened to the economy and what will likely reinvigorate the economy while closing the gap between rich and poor. What's frustrating is that he hasn't always given enough attention to political conditions. I'm not hating on him because of that -- he's an economist, not a political scientist. But he and his fans could help contribute to solutions if, when they talk about their vision of how things need to be, they would also talk about HOW we successfully move that vision through the political process.

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