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May 30, 2011


John Duffy

And then I woke up...


If you think that asking these questions would get you an invite to one of the star-studded after parties of the White House Corespondents dinner, you are wrong.

Sue Mc

OMG....I would start watching these interviews once again if only someone had the courage to cut the crap like you did, PM


MTP would have the highest ratings of any TeeVee/Cable show, if they had you P.M., asking just those types of questions. No joke.


Cut his mic!!! Yes. This is exactly how a true journalist would run his show. CUT HIS MIC!!! and stop lying to my face. Ah well, not even Rush Limbaugh did it when he had Newt come on his show and lie straight to his face.


Of course, the rest of the village would just tell you how mean you are being to the Republicans.

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