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June 27, 2011


Peter G

Chicken Littles we shall always have with us. Everywhere in the world. Which is not to say that I don't think this election will have particularly momentous consequences. Some elections matter more than others. What will make this election potentially of more than normal importance hinges on whether or not a Republican can win and also whether or not they are a lying poltroon. It would not be so bad if a lying Republican poltroon were to win providing always that they were lying about not raising taxes and taking other such measures as are needed to restore the American economy. If on the other hand a non-lying Republican poltroon is elected that actually tries to implement the madness they publicly espouse then yes, it could get pretty bad.


A Republican poltroon winning, Peter G, would be disastrous whether or not said poltroon were lying, because said poltroon's coattails would drag Teahadist Republican majorities into both houses of Congress.

Then the disasters we've seen from 2010's crop of GOP governors would be as nothing compared to the wrecking ball that would smash through this country.

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