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June 30, 2011


Mr. Pister

This point confuses that the conventional wisdom concludes that President Obama will reap what Republican intransience sows. This makes no sense to me, and why the MSM cointinues to portray it so seems to be a wish fulfillment.

Anyone I talk to about this mess always uses the word "Republican" when it comes to assigning responsibility (and within a few weeks, blame) for what is happining.

A square peg of ideology is being rammed down a round hole of reality. And as you say, it won't be the White House the outraged are going to look at.

Susan Zoon

The MSM is the enemy. The disinformation is rampant. Strikes in UK and riots in Greece? Anyone see them on the tee-vee on America?

I too, feel that if the Republicans push the plunger they will reap the whirlwind, but so will I, so I take no pleasure in this statement.

If the well armed American people really do ever wake up it will make the French Revolution look like a picnic. I'm practicing my knitting.

John Coulter

I wouldn't be so sure the majority of American people will blame the Republicans. Sizable numbers believe Iraq attacked us on 9/11 and that climate change is a "hoax". The GOP appears willing to bet they can pin any ensuing fiscal calamity on Obama. And with a media determined to report "both sides" of every issue, in my view, it is a distinct possibility.

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