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June 28, 2011



Do I hear the sound of running water? Is that Grover Norquist, filling the tub in expectation of at long last achieving his cherished dream?

CK MacLeod

There was a bit more going on in and around 1945, and influencing subsequent events, economic and otherwise, than an application of Keynesian theory. It may well be that a Keynesian approach would have some positive effects now, but it could also be that something fundamental and comprehensive is going on that also describes other differences between 1945 and 2011. The Ds might even then maintain an advantage over the Rs in relative out-to-lunchitude, but that doesn't mean that, in the main, they are ready to make much sense.

Anne Johnson

Normally I like Eugene Robinson and see him as one of the voices of reason and reality, so how come so many in the media get this so wrong? If anyone truly cares about an economic recovery, then money is going to have to be spent. Whoever has money is going to have to inject it into the economy somehow. Obama gave the republicans what they wanted when he extended the Bush tax cuts for another two years and I understand why he did it, but that does nothing to change the fact that wealthfare handouts to the rich and the big corporations do NOTHING to stimulate the economy. We've had these tax cuts in place for ten years now, with no net postive results. Why have so many willfully ignored the basic laws of supply and demand? Trickle-on (I refuse to say trickle-down) economics has worked only for the people who are doing the trickling.

Dorothy Rissman

Nice work Anne. dr

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