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June 30, 2011


Anne Johnson

Now why is it that the president is called an inexperienced "community organizer" but when an inexperienced republican gets elected they are a "Washington outsider with commonsense solutions" Of course all evidence to the contrary if you want to take the few seconds required to examine the actual evidence. Ever since Reagan or maybe Nixon, being dumb and ignorant has become a virture of the republican party. There is something to be said in favor of having actual politicians governing in Washington. Nobody likes car salesmen or lawyers either, but when you need either one, they're the first people you want to talk to. Why do we see career politicians so differently?

Peter G

Why am I not surprised that you are a reader of Mencken? I still keep a copy of his Chrestomathy handy. His personal flaws notwithstanding he is a brilliant writer.

Dorothy Rissman

Uneducated voters elect uneducated morons. These know nothing voters want someone just like them.


Quite correct Dorothy, which is how we got Bush the Lesser for 43.


"The government has incurred debts beyond Treasury bonds. Indeed, many of them were incurred under the "judgment" of last decade's Republican majorities."

I don't think this has been made clear enough. Folks hear debt ceiling and believe that the debt was incurred by the Obama administration when that is not the case.

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