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June 28, 2011


Peter G

I think you're making a mistake in underestimating her entertainment value. But then, the only horse I have in this race is called Vicarious. As a Canadian it would probably take months for the disastrous consequences of a Bachmann presidency to filter down (up?) to us.


She is going to win Iowa - come in a strong second in New Hampshire and win South Carolina- then the games really begin haha

Mike Kay

She's gonna win Iowa if only because a caucus state favors crazes.

The question is whether the corporate media will try to marginalize the event to protect Romney or whether they will sensationalize the outcome because it satisfies their addiction to car-chasing-missing-white-girl freak shows.


I'm with ronalda. Bachmann is going to have a head of steam after winning IA and SC and coming in at least second in NH. Who knows maybe she'll win up there. She is at least interesting; Romney and others ... not so much.

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