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July 30, 2011


CK MacLeod

The numbers and incidents aside, a high casualty rate among lieutenants wouldn't be unique to Vietnam.

The ones doing the "fragging" should be the Rs willing to buck party discipline. They have not yet been driven to such a point. We'll have to see how McConnell's public gambit plays out.


Dear Mr President,

Given your decades of community service, your exceptional intellect, your palpable empathy and simply amazing-from-the-heart smile, it might appear to some that your pragmatic approach to complex issues, your willingness to treat the Congress as a co-equal branch of government with whom to build consensus through compromise are signs of weakness.

So often these past 2 1/2 years we've heard the braying of some on the left of 'cave' as you rather stunningly achieved one legislative, often historical, victory for all Americans. Those legislative victories have already proven a bounty to our economy, to the health and inalienable rights of our fellow citizens, and more. In the face of it you demonstrate yet another obvious trait - humility.

But, you've also done a few things that should have alerted the dimwitted extortionists in the Republican Congress and their monied enablers.

You ordered a daring rescue of a hostage - Captain Richard Phillips.

With remarkable speed and minimum deference to those whom certainly would have caused delay, you built an alliance and issued the necessary orders thereby saving thousands of Libyans certain death and launching them on their path to self-determined freedom from a tyrant and terrorist.

And then you took out Osama bin Laden.

Through those acts you demonstrated something those that should have been paying attention, still haven't.

It is crystal clear that when you are confronted with a colossal catastrophe in the making or a highly complex, ultra-dangerous task, you will work diligently to gather the facts and then you will take decisive action.

You know the history of Section 4 of the 14th Amendment.

You know that we have a group of individuals in the Congress prepared to cause irreparable harm to our Republic by defaulting on our debt. The harm would make the economic aftermath of 9/11 and the GBW recession of 2008-2001 look like hiccups. Way beyond the immediate and long-term economic disaster, the credibility of the USA would be defunct.

For radical Republicans and their enablers it's a three-fer: roll back the past 60 years of our social compact, protect the wealthiest few, and damage the black guy's chances of re-election.

That must not happen. Extraordinary, unprecedented, totally predictable damage requires extraordinary, definitive preventive action.

Mr President, based on your performance, not your words, we are fortunate that you are President, today. In the next 48 h you will, once again, need to remind the Republican hostage takers not to mess with you and the Republic that you serve with exceptional courage, intelligence and decisiveness.

Thank you,

Yes.We.Can. ... DO.More.Together!

evelyn d. ellis


Do you think you can get this to him,if for nothing else than moral support?

I want to say more, but I am speechless with outrage against those who would injure an entire nation in order to oust one man.
A man, who, by the way, has spent the last 2 and a half years trying to fix what his predecessor destroyed. We supported that mess of a president, but we can't support
this one? Unfortunately, it's believable, because President Obama's ONLY problem is the color of his skin.




AS usual Bob is totally on point. Beautifully stated Bob,and oh,.. don't forget to send it to Peggy Noonan!

evelyn d. ellis

Amen to that, caribbeanobserver, especially the Noonan part.


Dear evelyn, caribbeanobserver, and evelyn,

Thank you.

And, I have sent the letter not only to the President but to Senators Harkin, Sanders, Reid, Kerry, Murray and Cantwell and Leader Pelosi requesting that they read it into the Record and try to get it to the President.

I have no personal leverage other than to reach out to those whom do.

As to Ms Noonan - if any of you want to share it with her, please do.

Yes.We.Can. ... DO.More.Together!

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