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July 01, 2011


Peter G

On the overall tenor of your opinion I agree. But one should not underestimate the sauve qui peux attitude that recessions bring. The republicans are well able to punch those visceral buttons; that some groups,civil servants for example, are overpaid and under worked, that one's taxes are going to the undeserving, that debt will immediately cause the sky to fall. A turn back towards a more rational view will not happen en masse and some will find the new paradigm perfectly acceptable. How the shifts in public mood synchronize with elections is to some degree a matter of chance and I do hope the one you describe sync with the upcoming election. Conventional wisdom that economic conditions dictate these moods is not without merit.


One has to wonder what the situation would currently be like if Tom Emmer won the governorship here in Minnesota.

The current legislative branch spent days working on a referendum to ban same-sex marriage and other social causes.

If only they had started work on the budget and jobs (like they campaigned on), we may not be in this mess.

There is indeed a dangerous current that sees extremely inflexible ideology as a virtue.

The only way for that to end is for reasonable voters of both parties to reject this notion in a future election.

Only time will tell.

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