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July 26, 2011



Does Will understand that the need to raise the debt ceiling stems from the country's past spending?

Actually, I'd just prefer that Obama ignore the debt ceiling and authorize the Treasury to keep paying the bills. But that's another story.

But, yes, Will's column was especially atrocious this morning. Thank you for responding.

Peter G

I have often thought that Mr Will was blessed with one talent in stupendous abundance. He can say the most benightedly stupid things with an earnest voice and a straight face.

Surfer Dude

I'm invoking Godwin's Law based on PM's next to last paragraph.

Does PM remind anyone else of Kevin Kline's character in A Fish Called Wanda? Just thinking out loud.


AS atrocious as Pat Buchanan's suggestion that the Norwegian crazy loon might be right?

Dorothy Rissman

I think he is suffering dementia. Time to retire you crusty old hack.

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