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July 30, 2011


Anne J.

Sadly I agree. There's a part of me that just wants this to end, and see the government get back on the track of creating jobs and boosting the economy. Put people back to work and the deficit will take care of itself. But even if they do manage to avert this economic disaster, which is becoming less and less likely, they will just find some other right wing cause to advance that would take away rights and eliminate even more jobs. So, yes I'm afraid PM is right, the only way to rid ourselves of this anti-government element is to give the people who voted for these cretins their wish. What I am seeing in Washington right now is one party trying to govern and the other party trying to bring down government (except for their government jobs of course). Still wondering if there is anything the president can do on his own in the event of this massive self-inflicted wound that increasingly looks like is going to happen.


He can resign?


Well, yes, Mike, Obama could resign, and then Biden could resign, and then Boehner would become President, and suddenly Congress would be churning out bills like crazy, you betcha!

Excuse me now while I go lie down in a dark room with a damp cloth on my forehead.


I agree that nothing less than national (if not global) catastrophe will come of our current headlong rush into insanity.

What I cannot believe is that the nation will awaken from its fever dreams, come to its senses, and vote the insanity out and sanity in. I fear it's far more likely that an angry, frightened, desperate, pig-ignorant* electorate will instead stampede to the loudest shouters with simple, "commonsense" answers, the authoritarians, the strong men who promise to save us from the demons they've spent the last several decades carefully crafting in the public mind.

I'll fight against that tide, of course, but expect to be about as successful as Canute.

* With apologies to pigs, which are actually quite intelligent critters.

You Don't Say

Janicket: Pres. Perry here we come!


Perry, or Bachmann, or something equally dreadful. At this point a President Romney doesn't sound so bad, compared to what could slither into the Oval Office in 2013.


@janicket and You Don't Say: I'm not sanguine about the configuration of Congress in 2013 considering the attraction voters feel for aggressive simplemindedness, but I'm still certain Obama will be reelected. This may be a bit of faith on my part, because I couldn't tell you in any specific way how he's going to pull it off, but... I observed fairly early in his 2008 campaign that BHO is significantly smarter, more competent and more strategically ept than I am. And I humbly proclaim that I aint zackly stupid.

You Don't Say

TomD, I share your faith, but do think it's hard to say whether an economic meltdown would turn everyone against the TPers or turn us all into Lord of the Flies' schoolboys. I hope reaching the brink is enough to show most voters that these people are out of the minds.


I hope you're right, TomD, and that I am abysmally wrong. Obama is truly an amazing man, and by all conventional rights he should never have made it even to the nomination, let alone to the Oval Office, let alone to all the achievements of his first two years. Just at this moment it's hard to believe, though.


"From The Hill, the understatement of the week: "[S]ome veteran Republicans worry their party could be seen as intransigent." "

Oh no. Anything but that.

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