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July 27, 2011


Peter G

I quite agree with you. Having read the cant of many a left wing blog and been, in consequence saturated with the angst and despair found therein I have often wondered at the capacity of those writers to think things through. The world is descending into a military industrial corporate oligarchy from which there is no return, the cant would have it. One proves one's progressive bona fides by pointing out, as frequently as possible, that the two main American political parties are but Janus images of the same hidden power structure. Now I like to point out, with equal frequency that this is bullshit. The right wingers have not the slightest idea about what they are doing beyond paying homage to an ideology they barely understand and the example you cite is a case in point. What, a thinking person might ask, will be the result if the right wing agenda were to be fully implemented: taxes were still further reduced and the possibility of raising them constitutionally eliminated, unions all busted, income disparities driven to Pharaohnic levels,the social safety nets of SS and Medicare and Medicaid reduced to nothing? Would the anticipated Paulian paradise ensue? Does anybody really imagine that can happen? The lovely thing about democracies is, that if you give the voters enough time, eventually even the dimmest of wits will catch on.

Anne J.

Excellent post, Peter G. I myself have never understood what type of mentality consistently votes for anti-government types to run the government. I mean what do they think is going to happen? They anti-government government officials eventually destroy government from within don't they? Isn't it kind of like deliberately letting termites infest the walls of your house, because, really what could go wrong, right? Now as one of the less politically astute readers of this column I have to ask: Suppose we miss the deadline and go into default? Would the president have the power to do anything about it on his own?

Marc McKenzie

@Peter G: Seconded. Great post, sir, great post.

I, too, have grown extremely tired and weary of the false meme on many left-leaning sites that the two parties are just two sides of the same coin, that they're all the same. You would think that such a canard would vanish in a puff of smoke once someone takes a hard, long look at American politics since the start of the 20th Century, and especially since 1968, but it seems that some find that task difficult to perform.


I still like the 14th Amendment option. Bill Clinton loves it! Barack listen to Bill! It will strengthen your hand and put low those pesky Tea-Partiers! And it will make explicit what so many Presidents have wished for, the power to declare Acts of Congress unconstitutional. After all, why should the Supremes have all the fun?

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