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July 08, 2011


Agreed, P.M.

If Obama was to use the 14th amendment to defuse the immediate situation, the crisis would only rise from the dead like Marley's Ghost and follow him around, rattling chains, into 2012 and, perhaps, beyond.

Matt Yglesias has been making the important point recently that if the debt ceiling isn't raised, then every possible course of action is legally questionable, since congress will have given the executive contradictory legislation -- i.e. the current debt ceiling plus past appropriations that require more debt. It's unclear from a legal standpoint which of these takes precedence, and it's also unclear what course would be considered impeachable, since each course of action would violate the law; but it's obvious that something has to happen. Usually when a new law contradicts an older one, it's called "repeal."

PM, I read his editorial. It would appear that the president already knows that.

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