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July 27, 2011


adolf dricey

This highlights how much of a willing servant Warren is to the wealthy right-wingers. The half that pay no taxes are the people with less property and less income, the "poor" who were of such concern to the Jesus of the Synoptics. But as a leader of the Republican Faith, Warren knows only the Jesus of John, a Jesus who never discusses the morality of wealth, and who, far from saying that you must help the poor, says that all you need for eternal life is to "believe" in him, and far from loving your enemy, the greatest sacrifice a person can make is to die for his friends. The Rich Man's Jesus. GOP Jesus. Tea Party Jesus. Rick Warren's Jesus.


These two posts by Fred Clark were on point:

Anne J.

Said the pastor of a megachurch. Is that why these charlatans get into the religion business? Because it's a tax shelter? I'm starting to believe that's the truth of it. The Jesus I was raised to believe in was all about taking care of the poor and had no love for the rich. These so-called christians today preach the exact opposite of what Jesus taught. I thought we made churches tax expempt so the government wasn't in their business and they weren't in the government's business? When will this country evolve?



You know it's getting really, really bad when these folk actually work together on anything:

CK MacLeod

What's as bad as Warren's blithe ignorance is his blithe assumption that all those freeloading poor people are desperate to steal his and other good folks' divinely sanctioned worldly wealth.


But assuming the argument for a minute, wouldn't a nation where only half of the population paid taxes in fact have a "revenue problem"? It can't be the case, as conservatives would have it, that the nation is both Taxed Enough Already AND smitten with the injustice of only half the population paying taxes.


What percentage of businesses pay no taxes? Only churches.

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