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July 28, 2011



Can't believe they put this excrement of an op-ed in my paper this morning. What an assclown. The little blurb accompanying his scraw was something about borrowing causing more "government expansion". The teabags apparently don't understand that we have an aging population that will increase the ranks of the retired thus necessitating the "expansion of government". Unless he wants his parents and grandparents to starve on the streets. Thank you, Washington Post, for giving this brain-dead amoralist valuable space in your paper.

Anne J.

As Archie Bunker used to say, "Ah jeez, they're at it again". And again the rest of us ask: Where were they when this out of control and unnecessary spending was taking place under the administration of the spoiled rich kid who treated the treasury like it was his daddy's credit card? They act as though all of this began under Obama and never once acknowledge W's responsibility in this whole mess and what's worse is no one in the media ever challenges them on it. Were they cheerleading for the wars? Were they a-ok with massive wealthfare handouts to the idle rich? Again, somebody somewhere please challenge these yahoo's on their outright lies and willful ignorance.

Peter G

This is the point where I usually break out with a loud rendition of a certain tune from Man of La Mancha. Followed shortly thereafter will an equally loud public plea to stop.

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