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August 28, 2011



The old bridge in Stillwater is a major route to/from Wisc. for commuters and all the lake/vacation homes. The small population density is irrelevant, there's only so many ways to get to/from Wisc and they're spread quite a ways apart. The Stillwater bridge is falling apart and just can't handle the traffics.
That's why they all support it - It's not a Palin bridge to nowhere.

Pietr Hitzig

Keep your powder dry:

I have never heard of this bridge but a simple look at a Google map shows that this is not a bridge to nowhere but a connection between Minnesota and Wisconsin. The current bridge is apparently rotting out and is inadequate.

Can you show evidence that Minnesota needs $690 Billion to repair its bridges as you state?

The Hill article incorrectly maintains that the "bridge to nowhere" was budgeted at $400 billion.

Please be less cavalier with zeros.


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