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August 26, 2011


Peter G

There's no mental age qualification is there? Hmm. It seems your founding fathers didn't foresee the possibilities that advanced marketing techniques could inflict on the US and the world.


What a wonderful quote by Randolph. Like rotten mackerel in moonlight. Almost sounds like something Plato would have said about tyrants.


I love this post, p.m.

Last night my partner and I were watching Rachel Maddow and my partner thought Rachel was wasting her time on her focus of Romney's "never take a stand flip-flopping" on a day by day basis.

I vehemently disagreed for the reasons you enumerated, such as Romney's ability to tread water longer ("man of bottomless resourcefulness")he just might limp to the finish line.

Perry, is likely the new bright, shiny object for the next few weeks. So despite Perry's double digit surge in the polls...what can I say it's August, the silly season, we should all take a European vacation and reconvene when this really matters.

CK MacLeod

Peter G: The FFs expected we'd do better on average than, say, hereditary monarchies, or maybe than the Byzantines... so even if some unfortunate sequence of events leads to the swearing-in of the rotten mackerel or the insane moron or worse in Jan 2013, we'll still probably be doing OK by that standard...

Peter G

I'll grant you that CK. Much better on average and occasional even low expectations are greatly surpassed. I've always thought Truman a pretty good president and considering his political origins and the rotten political machine that was his training ground one might not have expected that.


I would agree with all of this except for one little thing: How does one explain the 2004 victory of George W. Bush?

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