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August 27, 2011



Have Mittens and Huntsman endorsed this amendment? You know, this would be a good time or starting point in exposing the GOP for the liars and hypocrites they are. They claim to love the Constitution but have consistently called for changing it. Perry loves America so very much more than the Kenyan but wanted to secede from it. And it goes on and on.

Robert Lipscomb

Yet again a Republican has failed to deduce how to fix the economy.

1. A constitutional amendment for term limits.

2. A constitutional amendment establishing the death penalty for flag burning.

3. A constitutional amendment mandating prayer in school, at the work place and any government facility.

4. Death penalty for activist (liberal) judges.

5. Pass laws against the use of pollution control systems and gas efficient vehicles.

6. Mandatory gun ownership by age 6 and must carry weapon by age 12.

7. Round up 10, 20, 30 million brown people and send them to Mexico. (This should be privatized.)

8. Eliminate ALL taxes to increase tax revenues and balance the budget.

9. Start a war.

10. Secede from the union.

11. Kill the poor people.

12. Default on our debt and show the Chinese who's boss.

13. Every county secede from its state.

14. Take science out of schools.

15. Close all public schools.

16. Privatize public highways.

17. All cities secede from their county.

18. All neighborhoods secede from their city.

19. Negative taxes on corporations and rich people.

20. Secede from reality.

Now that is a plan that any Republican can get behind.

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