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August 28, 2011



"...dumber than we thought."

But sadly, no less electable for that.


It's amazing how intelligent politicians can appear before they declare that they are running for office. I guess either the pressure gets to them and they slip up or they just talk to much. I think they should all just put out a position paper, sign it and let us read it and vote based on their positions. Why waste a billion dollars to make promises you know you can't keep (applies to all politicians running for office).


I've worked for Soc. Sec. for 13 years. Just about every first date I go on, when I mention where I work, the inevitable question I'm asked is "Will Soc Sec still be there..."

It's incredible how this meme has sunken into the public consciousness, despite Soc Sec's having paid benefits for 70+ years. But it keeps getting repeated by Very Serious People.


Who's really the dumb one? Perry or the people who believe every word he says?

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